THE KING & THE SWORD | WMS MINI MEGA Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus

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Mini Mega Big Win on The King & The Sword slot machine by WMS. This came out of a session where I was alternating between varying bets. Unfortunately, this bonus hit on minimum. NOTE: Sorry for the out of focus video. I also had to overlay some of the big win music with audio from another video as I had some audio problems. Thanks for watching! 🙂

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THE KING & THE SWORD | WMS MINI MEGA Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus

23 thoughts on “THE KING & THE SWORD | WMS MINI MEGA Big Win! Slot Machine Bonus

  1. great hit Albert!! such a tough game so that's great! love seeing that you try the volatile monsters still out there. ROBIN HOOD next please!! 🙂

  2. Ugh this game…I've been suddenly trying this game alot and often…looks like I need to try the lower bets, great stuff with those multipliers, congrats Albert

  3. Albert that was a great hit! This is a tough game! I really need to rethink the max betting! Lol

  4. Nice win Albert, the great bonuses always seem to come at min bet

  5. I've also been playing this game after watching your other video. on my last trip I downloaded $10 in free play and hit max bet $2 on my fifth spin I hit the bonus and cashed out $129. this was an awesome hit on .50 keep up the good work

  6. And that's why you really don't need to bet big on this machine to win big.

  7. Over 300x is always great….definitely, not easy. This one frustrates me, I can't seem to crack it. I find it difficult to bonus, and when it does, I get zilch! I usually end up playing other WMS machines in the same bank, and do better. It's been a while, so maybe next trip, I'll give it a few spins, and hopefully get something memorable. 😉

  8. Ask and ye shall receive! Great job Albert. You wanted those castles and they appeared! Fantastic win on a tough game. I forgot to play it when I was in your territory last. Maybe next time. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That game is so hit and miss for me. Either feast or famine lol. Nice hit!

  10. wow amazing i gotta try this one in quarters again at bellagio next time

  11. Good job Albert. Nothing mini about getting mega big win. Well done.

  12. I miss this game, my locals finally took them all out.  I did see some in Colorado on a road trip with my mom & cousin about a month ago.  Great win!

  13. Really good … got to like this game a lot — never had a BOFFO hit, but some really nice ones!  Thanks for posting!  Congratulations!

  14. 5 across queens 👸! Awesome Albert! 😱I need to do it! I’m working on great eagle returns too! That game hates me so much 😐

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