TimberWolf Xtreme Slot Machine – MAJOR Jackpot Won! Finally a Mega Big Win in this tough game!

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MAJOR Jackpot Won in Aristocrat’s TimberWolf Xtreme Slot Machine! Finally, an almost 400x Mega Big Win after a number of attempts. I started playing this back in July of 2019, but could never get the Big Win! The slot has alot of features such as multipliers in the normal spins, double-stacked wilds, jackpot progressives at any time, and a Buffalo Gold type collection feature with a 2-symbol re-trigger…but with all those features, the game is very hard! Hard to trigger bonus and hard to get anything going in the bonus. I kept trying for a 100x win, but I eventually gave up on it. But then, I decided to try one more time and I am glad I did. I ended up winning the Major Jackpot progressive on my first bonus spin! Every now and then, the wilds on screen become Jackpot wilds and you are guaranteed to win a progressive if it lands. There are Mini, Minor, Major, Super and Grand jackpots available. I still want to get the 3x and 5x wilds in this game because they’re actually 6x and 10x when they land fully, since they’re double-stacked. Taken at San Manuel casino in Highland, CA.

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00:00 Live Play and First Bonus
03:56 First Progressive
04:25 Second Bonus
05:56 First Decent Bonus
07:38 Third Time is the Charm?
10:08 Nice Line Hit and More Bonuses
14:36 I Lied! ONE More Attempt and a MAJOR Jackpot!

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TimberWolf Xtreme Slot Machine – MAJOR Jackpot Won!  Finally a Mega Big Win in this tough game!

29 thoughts on “TimberWolf Xtreme Slot Machine – MAJOR Jackpot Won! Finally a Mega Big Win in this tough game!

  1. Very nice Shinobi 🥷👍😎🎰😷 no version of Timberwolf has ever shown me any love. I remember your amazing run with your brother which I have tried to recreate a few times but been beaten down. Last time it took me 2,000 spins to get a 10x bonus on the original lol

  2. I had to see this major win. Good for you. It was a long time coming, but worth waiting for. I'm happy for you.

  3. Nice hit on the major! Congrats! That game is infuriating. I gave up on it and I think a lot of people have cause I rarely see anyone playing it at the local casinos lol

  4. Crappy bonuses! Nice major win though, it saved your bacon! Timberwolf always is hard but I love the game.

  5. Nice win! Congratulations! I’ve never played Timberwolf Gold, it does look tough. I’ve played Timberwolf Grand and done very well at min bet a couple times. Good luck to you, Shinobi!

  6. Hello,
    I like your style of playing!
    I wanna know about how to start making casino videos, do you need special permission?
    I’m so ready to start,
    it’s so exciting when you have lots of views and subscribers!
    please reply ASAP,
    thanks! 👍
    Samuel 🇨🇦
    Niagara Falls Canada

  7. Woohoo! That Major landed at a very nice time! Glad you hung in there! Lots of bonuses. I hope one day I can try this game somewhere that has it. Congrats!!

  8. Congrats on the Major! Game looks cool, but haven't seen it in the wild! Thanks for showing!

  9. Lol yea I was betting 6 bucks max and my bonus for me 30 bucks.. this game is hard

  10. LOL at the "OK I lied part….". Timberwolves in general is a rough game for me so can't imagine I'd do any better on this version. Congratulations on scoring a MAJOR win.

  11. omg, congrats! Ive played this and couldnt get any hits, this was amazing👍😍💰

  12. Nice wins!!
    New subscriber friend. 👍🏾🍀 Slot hustler 👍🏾👊🏾

  13. I love Timber Wolf but this payout was terrible, except when you won the major. I think I will stick to the original Timber Wolf or Timber Wolf Deluxe. They seem to pay more than this game.

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