Wild Times £20 Mega Spins – New Slot Machine Gameplay

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Trying out the new Wild Times slot machine in Corals on their roulette machines. Stakes of up to £2 use five winlines on three reels, if you upgrade to the FOBT mega spins, you get 27 active winlines with a multiplier. The lowest cost of the mega spins in £20, this can be raised up to £50, with all of the prices offering only 5 spins, with all prize values remaining the same, however the multiplier increases so even a small win can end up with a large pay-off.
Not the best slot machine, but I thought I would give it a try. No features other than the multiplier, and the gamble if that counts which offers three different odds, allowing all wins the potential to be gambled to the £500 jackpot.

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Wild Times £20 Mega Spins – New Slot Machine Gameplay

9 thoughts on “Wild Times £20 Mega Spins – New Slot Machine Gameplay

  1. Just so u know they aren't poos they are chocolate ice creams lol. Be good if you can get some proper gameplay footage next time. Keep up the vids m8.

  2. You're editing it's spectacular. Could you get a schedule as to when you upload?

  3. I played on demo mode and hit the jackpot about 4 times. in real play it didn't pay anything.

  4. Ouch…£20 gone within seconds…prefer the traditional slots 25p/50p spins and linger for the bonus

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