38 thoughts on “WMS Gaming: Reel Boost Series – Knight’s Keep Slot Bonus HUGE WIN

  1. wow nice i have seen very few full screens what was the bet. and i love these type games dean martin shin dig is my fav.

  2. Amazing win on $0.80! Couldn't believe all those stick things fell into place like that! Pretty cool.

  3. Congrats in an excellent win. Nice full screen win. You have once again become a member of your own full screen club. Great video.

  4. "Not bad…"?! :O FRIGGING AWESOME!!! 🙂 It's wonderful to see you winning. Love when the casinos give back some of their HUGE profits to us loyal casino slot fans.

    Just Another Slot Fan,
    Wolfy 🙂

  5. I've been a "subscriber" for quite a while…..I always enjoy your videos….Congrats on the great hit!

  6. Awesome! I about s*** when I saw the full screen! I'm headed out to Vegas next week I play similar slots to the ones in your videos.. I notice you almost never play "Max" Any tips?

  7. Hey there, I miss ya. Haven't seen a video from ya in a while. Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent presentations.
    Wolfy 🙂

  8. believe it or not i actually saw a buffalo machine at horseshoe in hammond that had won just over $500 with an 80c bent!

  9. Good job. I have little luck with the free play b/c I end up losing it, chasing it, playing my own $ and the avalanche happens. But I have seen others do well with free bonus play. This is a really good one.

  10. is this part of WMS' G deluxe series? i've played zeus 3, and that thing paid me off seriously, just by hitting the minor, i think, second below major.

  11. nice win by the way……… just got in our local…..tried it for the first time and its tough but im still gonna get something than nothing

  12. I love this game I had the same screen as yours but with the exception of 1 wand missing and I was playing 3$ a spin let just say I left the casino with a big smile on my face

  13. Exactly!
    That's all it is, luck.
    I've had losses, and wins and break evens.
    Luckiest I got was a 1.5K win on the Zeus 2.
    I like the 1c machines. Never lost much on them and usually come out better or even.

  14. Amazing Hit with 0.80 c. CONGRATS !! Will Try those style ones

  15. OMG! Just saw this one – Fantastic hit  =)  I might have to give these types of games a try.  Congrats!

  16. Very cool vidio.. I like SB for a small while, it can give you some OLD SCHOOL games and yet the newer ones. That was some hit on FP. Great!

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