21 thoughts on “WYNN ENCOR ③ 3x4x5x MEGABUCKS Slot Machine Bonus Win Las Vegas Casino 赤富士スロット ウィン ラスベガス カジノ③

  1. This game was nerve wrecking for me – LOL. CONGRATULATIONS on your winnings 👏😀👏👏

  2. Interesting bonus. Somebody sure got creative and wanted to kill some time. Great video 😎

  3. Very good bonus round the second time! Good run at the hardest slot game (Megabucks) to win! I will understand if decide to retire making slot videos if you won the $12,997,050 Megabucks jackpot 😉

  4. I did okay there at the Wynn properties ths past weekend. +$165.00 on video poker.🥃😃👍 Cheers!

  5. I thought you'd never make ur money back. If I'm down 20 bucks at the local jib joint casino in Phoenix, the odds of winning it back are 10^82 to 1. 😂

  6. You are so good at your emotion control. A lot invested then made it back and didn't get greedy. Thank you so much for the videos all the slot channels are helping me get through my surgery recovery. Have a blessed week.

  7. 10 Karat MINI, 12 Karat MINOR, 14 Karat MIDI, 18 Karat MAXI, 22 Karat MAJOR, 24 Karat SUPER, and the life changing grand progressive.

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