Zeus II Coral Bookies Slot – MAXIMUM FREE SPINS – £20 Mega Spins and £2 Play

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I used to play the Zeus II slot machine a fair bit, but I haven’t played it in a very long while. It’s still very good, especially with a few bonus respins which can sometimes pay big money. The gamble is pretty good and is one of the first slots to use that type of pie gamble with the free spins.
I’ll probably play this slot again in the future, but not for a while. Zeus I and Zeus III are available online, but not Zeus II which is weird!

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Zeus II Coral Bookies Slot – MAXIMUM FREE SPINS – £20 Mega Spins and £2 Play

25 thoughts on “Zeus II Coral Bookies Slot – MAXIMUM FREE SPINS – £20 Mega Spins and £2 Play

  1. Stop n step can u play cops n robbers nxt mate, av asked a few times nw but don't think yr sein my message. N a shout out pal

  2. shout out next vid please mate! love you're videos! keep them coming! can you do another black knight video or action bank soon please?

  3. why is your starting balance 880 quid ??? the temptation is ridiculous take some out lad

  4. 30 spins max and that was the end result pretty poor if you ask me but seems standard these days on these oh and thanks for the shout out hope chrimbo is a good one for you all the best!!

  5. Can I have a shout out stop and step I watch your vids all the time 🙂 stickkkkk mannnnnn

  6. why you even go into the dirty bookies, the world has moved on, we are online with higher RTPs

  7. Helllllooooo stop and step love the videos can u please play any taxi again it had big wins also I wounded if u could try to gamble 2x then 4x then 5x in a row that would be epic I would love to see u try

  8. I remember when Zeus II was the slot of choice, now it just doesn't get played enough.

  9. Diamond goddess fortune spins and pay it again fortune spins!!! William hill and betfred

  10. Just recently started watching your vids, StopnStep, entertaining, brave gambles at times, any chance of a stickman shoutout and could you try Jewel in the Crown on Corals FOBTs, thanks dude, Happy Xmas.

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