Zeus Slot 5-Reel Version – Progressive *SUPER BIG WIN* Bonus!

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While the high-limit “Classic” Zeus slot is still my favorite, I do enjoy some of the other slots under the Zeus brand, this being the WMS G+ 5-Reel Mechanical version! This is an older game that I still see from time to time and there is a lot going on with this one. First of all, the bonus is initiated by getting three or more bonus symbols with the twist that getting 4 or 5 bonus symbols awards you the Minor or Mega progressive plus 25 or 100 bonus spins, respectively. In addition, during the bonus, all Zeus symbols are also wild. The game also sports the WMS “Transmissive Reels” technology which super-imposes video on top of the mechanical reels producing some interesting effects, although maybe not as polished as you would like: I think they are done much better in the 3-Reel Willy Wonka game, as an example. While not a high-limit win, still at over 100x I wanted to post it for everyone, although be sure to check out a great high-limit win on this game from Chasing Pots:


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Zeus Slot 5-Reel Version – Progressive *SUPER BIG WIN* Bonus!

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  1. Love this game because it's so loud and suspenseful a few reels full of Zeus would have been amazing nice to see you cheering on your fellow slot neighbors thanks for posting congrats!!😃

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