8 thoughts on “⚡⚡⚡TOP TEN WINS: Zeus Unleashed Slot & Kronos Unleashed Slot⚡⚡⚡

  1. Two days ago, I played Kronos Unleashed at max bet (which I never do). I put a $100 bill in and threw caution to the wind. After half the hundred was gone, I hit free spins. I was happy seeing 3 free spin icons, then a fourth, then a fifth! I wondered what was going to happen. It started counting my free spin award but not by +1, by +5! It awarded a WHOPPING 130 free spins! I wished I had gotten video but I was in shock. Got a retrigger for 8 more so a grand total of 138 free spins at max bet. I would post the pic I took after it was done if I could. It was a hand pay of $2,630.42, my first ever. If you have a way of letting me post the pic, I'll show it.

  2. I think Zeus payouts is pretty low. Considering your bet is $6. You might want to try Lightning Link or Dragon link. I see tons of handpays betting $3 or $5 only

  3. I like the slot but pays are not very good, never had a hand pay on it and have many on other machines.

  4. I love this game. I'm gonna have to start recording my wins. I've won 1900 on it before without having to get a hand pay on a $6 bet.

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