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How much you can win on the Vikings Slot? This video is dedicated to the most popular TV series and the game became very popular as well. Many people tried to get the max payout of 10.000x the stake.

Some of them lost their money, but some of them got huge wins. CasinoDaddy, CasinoLand, RipnPip and the other streamers are the ones, who managed to reach the top. How is it possible? How much did they get? Let’s figure it out!
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Let’s watch biggest wins on Vikings slot for today:
01:21 win X1439 [RipnPip]
02:31 big win X1630 [CasinoLand]
03:48 massive win X2004 [NickSlots]
05:05 insane win X2144 [CasinoDaddy]
06:27 ultra win X3191 [SixSlots]

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🤩Crazy record win 3919x! Big wins Vikings Slot 🔴ONLINECASINOPOLICE

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