12 thoughts on “1 Billion+ Pound/Euro Slot Win WORLD RECORD STREAMING HIT OMG!!

  1. Hahahaha as if hahaha if that was real dazza would of packed is bags and divorced his wife for bonanza

  2. @classybeef @nickslots @slotspinner @jimbocasino @casinodaddy haahah and the main guyster chipmonkz slots ahhahaah

  3. Don't forget to grab your leg and scream that's a mega ding ding like kim aka letshavea**** slots at casino coffeegrounds. Of course if you play with Vietnamese Dong currency you will hit the billion Dong win like casino coffeegrounds

  4. "I am not going below 1 billion" absolute comedy gold Dazza! I did read on Casinomeister that Septic Slots have a €5k a month withdrawal limit though, don't order the Veyron just yet 🤣

  5. It’s not entertaining. Btg put it on there site. Biggest ever megaways win!!! He also won 14 Tesla’s for it!!! I’m gonna donate 500 quid to keep the content going so hopefully they will give a 5000000% bonus on that with zero wagering!

  6. Haha you had to lie about getting paid haha just shut up mate. I see you moving your mouse to top right corner to activate the hack haha

  7. “RUBS “ hands 🙌 as he proceeds to enter the streaming kit. !!

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