40 thoughts on “10669X BET!!! BIGGEST WIN ON YOUTUBE for WMS Slot G+! MUST SEE! Mega big win on Robin Hood.mp4

  1. most of the lines in that hit are paid 10x, 5 wilds are high paying.. 40c x 10 is as if he is placing a $4 bet and getting a screen full of wilds, so the jackpot does make sense, not often you see these kinds of hits, a rare jackpot for sure! And yes these WMS will have crazy jackpots of $20,000 or more, i've seen someone hit $22,000 on a spiderman slot ($10 bet), as well there is a video on youtube of someone hitting a crazy jackpot on a ruby slippers machine of like $24,000 ($4 bet)

  2. Insane hit!  I've always seen it said that Robin Hood is one of the most volatile G+ machines, I can believe it.  Very rare when it pays but it can be a doozey when it does.

  3. You have the same chance of hitting a progressive if u bet max bet or the minimum bet it just tells u to bet max so u can put more money in!

  4. Great win !! These WMS machines can really pay great when you get 5 of a kind, even with a small bet. And with all those wilds and the 10X symbol right in the center, you had MANY five of a kind lines at 10x pay !!  Incredibly rare to get a hit like this.  I wonder what triggerred both the minor and major progressives to roll over the "Must pay before" limits of $50 and $500 ?  Maybe if you win that much they go up faster.  Well done !!! 

  5. Grandioso bonus, vi pagar el progresivo mayor una vez de la nada, en buffalo spirit, a mi nunca me lo dio .lol

  6. 40 cent? That's big azz ****! You be lucky to hit 200 on 40 cents bet I need to start playing 40 cents instead of max bet atleast 100 can go a long way

  7. The next day that machine was decomissioned,dismantled,set on fire then buried in cement and thrown into the bottom of the ocean.

  8. Biggest hit YOU'VE managed!? I've never seen a win like this on a .40 bet. I am surprised no one from WMS has commented!

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  10. This is the max hit per spin. Most if not all machine max pay is 1000x … Congrats

  11. Really nice win and loved both progressives at the end…So sweet on a 40 cent bet! So hot!! :))

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