12 thoughts on “$300.00 A Spin Max Bet Biggest Win China Mystery Ever!!! (Home Slot Play Not A Casino) Fantasy

  1. To everyone who wants to watch this video. The video was a mock of other videos we watch on YouTube. It was just my wife and I playing around. It was never meant to lure views or get subs I never asked anyone to like or subscribe or even watch. The only reason I didn't delete it was for people to see what the game at this bet level is capable of. I don't care about views or subs as I am not a publisher or one who seeks monitary gains. We love Konami are just a few casino junkies who love to travel the country and visit and play at various casinos. We are fans of other video publishers who play at real casinos and this video was published by my sons who get a kick out of making fun out of mom and dad trying to be funny. We know we are not anyone special but we own a home casino cause its legal to own real slots in Texas and many other states. We win at real casinos too just no where near these bet levels and love that we can kick it up to higher than casino bet levels. Please don't like or subscribe or anything cause this was a mistake. We have decided to leave it with me dealing with alergies and talking smack and all. It was just my wife and I having a crap ton of free (no real money loss on a saturday night). If you want to watch feel free but be prepared to be annoyed by all of the critical viewers call outs. I love the haters, jokers and lovers its all good to me. Feel free to comment however you all please. Thanks for watching our very bad acting. Lol

  2. Lol this whole
    Time I thought it was real but it’s not n idc cause its still funny n seems so real… more videos needed

  3. The background of the machine is very dark, looks like entertaining. a genuine casino should have bright lights.

  4. The best jackpot I have ever see! I’m loving that you guys had fun the whole time lol! Congratulations

  5. Well, I don't know if it's real or not but, I have heard people in casinos make more noise on just a hundred dollar winning bet.

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