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40 thoughts on “$4,000,000 MAX WIN ON NEW OUTLAWS INC SLOT! (WORLD RECORD)

  1. You finished the night with 5.3 million and did a giveaway for $10k. That was a giveaway for 0.18% of your ending balance. You said you’re gonna spread out the the giveaways for this cash out, I hope you come close to what your cash out prompt says in your Twitch chat that you will have giveaways of 5% maybe 10% or 15% or even more. 0.18% is far off from 5%. Recently you did a giveaway of 1.2% of your ending balance and said it was a “massive giveaway.” I’ve been supporting you for a long time, I just hope these giveaway promises aren’t just to get more viewers. When you’re cashing out 5.3 million and keeping over 1.5 million then your giveaways should be more than $10k based on what you promise and advertise and what you said when you made the move to Stake. Just be honest that’s it. When you advertised 5% giveaways at Roo you always kept your word but at Stake you have giveaways that are 0.18% and mention all the money you have given away in the past to make up for not giving away the amount you promised. Hope you don’t forget the loyals who have been supporting you for years. And with all of these 100 point and 150 point bets on your bonus hunts that put less emphasis on viewing and more on getting bets right, you’re obviously going to be giving away the items in the stream store much faster as we are very close to all prizes being given away. Hope this means you actually give them away and restart the leaderboard and not delay even though it’s much faster than last year. Still got nothing but love for ya.

  2. So jealous lol and me working to have 100 euro left for week congratulations my friend.

  3. I don't watch him all the time so I don't know but does anyone know how much money he will make from the 4 million hit cause I know all these streamers have deals with the casinos and they only make a %.

  4. Been watching this guy since $3 spins on slots , never won a give away but still support the channel. I’m in such a down swing with gambling it just feels nice to see someone hit huge. Hope his heart leads to a nice giveaway for the day one fans. Good ish !! I feel a Drake line coming into play. “Mf get exposed for being weak but we getting money like xpose 10 mil a week” !!! BARS!!!

  5. Why spoil the big win in the title???……… just say something like, "this slot payed huge" or something… makes me not even want to watch. Nice win tho, gz

  6. Hello, I follow you constantly, and I wish you success every time. Can you help me to play on this site, as I lost a lot on other sites, and I wish you victory every time

  7. Livin the life man. My way will probably be a little harder but hats off to you code. The best year you ever had.

  8. 1st time playing the slot and you max win the dang thing….. I guess you found a new favorite slot. Now never touch it again to maintain the highest overall RTP record for the slot cause the RTP can only decrease from here. Anyway, congrats!

  9. Glad to see this hunt went a lot better than the last one, awesome to see you got a max win as well! Good karma exists cody and you’re very much deserving of it! ❤️

  10. Apes in a cage! Well….Super happy apes. If it was me I'm thinking I would have broke out of the cage. Great win Codeman! Keep up the great content !

  11. I think personally this is sad, and not a reflection of gambling only showing big wins sadly people kill them self more than ever because of online gambling

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