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I stream almost everyday here – https://www.twitch.tv/drew_bills

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40 thoughts on “$50,000+ RECORD WIN ON WILD WEST GOLD!

  1. dude this massive video wasnt in my subbox, lucky it was on my front page, but not in my subscriptions feed. Now ill enjoy this massive video

  2. i have been really enjoying these vids lately but still dat drop is my favorite would love to see a dumb video with like 20k on dat drop with huge battles, but obv idk if you could do it. just what i like seeing, great content

  3. Seems like ur streams are really entertaining! Gotta pass by sometime soon. Also some of the buys in the video couldve payed so huge, unlucky, great video!!

  4. U 100% wouldn’t have won that if u were sitting there… you’ve ruined so many bonus on this game and if u were sitting there u would of skipped this bonus and lost 60k…. STOP FAST PRESSING BONUSES

  5. How you can win cheating slot? …all casino craven

  6. I swear I remember you winning 83k or something like that off a 10/20k buy on Wild West gold before ??

  7. I would hate to hear what it sounds like when you motivate people…

  8. How the **** does top symbol all the way with all those multipliers pay just over 1k x. Honestly amazing hit but feel like it should of paid more haha

  9. i just screamed like a little girl…. untill i realized this is old thought streams came back

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