8 Slot Wins for 8 Seasons of Game of Thrones

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Winter is finally here! To celebrate the start of the 8th season of the popular TV-Show we have compiled some of the best wins on stream from the Game of Thrones online slot.

Featured videos:
00:14 The Lannisters are paying their debts to Slotplayer.
01:58 A nice base game hit for XaverNL.
02:13 House Baratheon sends Miikapekka their regards.
03:00 Will Slotspinner miss a big win?
03:37 Rex Borgersen, why does no one pick the Starks?
04:31 The Lannisters always pay their debt…especially to SuperSmask.
06:20 A massive win for Jaggrdy.
07:08 Huneasd – the new king of Westeros?

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8 Slot Wins for 8 Seasons of Game of Thrones

9 thoughts on “8 Slot Wins for 8 Seasons of Game of Thrones

  1. Nice to see Slotplayer in that video, the most underrated streamer on the planet, miss his video's.

  2. That last one, i think he took a bonus with max cashout. And got only like 2-3k if i remember right

  3. Is that first dude (Slotsplayer) still around? Haven't seen him on the videos lately.

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