40 thoughts on “A Stranger Touched My Slot and I WON A Jackpot

  1. I won $1725 on a $1.75 spin. You can’t tell me you’re excited winning $2700+ on a $30 spin. Casinos are rigged.

  2. U call that a jackpot ? In which world is that a jackpot considering that’s not even a 100x ! But still a •decent• win 🏆

  3. How is this real because over $1200 you have to pay income tax and get a W-2 from the attendant

  4. Да он проиграл больше чем дал это говнл бонус.

  5. Mr mike I'm from Canada but I love your calm way of playing pls send me so money likeRaja said

  6. Столько вилдов на 4 барабана, и всего х90 по 30??
    Это очень плохой и дурацкий слот!

  7. Awesome slot videos. Just followed you! Keep up the good work 💵🎰

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