BIG WIN on Danger High Voltage Slot – £6 Bet

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Video Recorded on: 02/03/18
Slot Provider: Big Time Gaming

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BIG WIN on Danger High Voltage Slot – £6 Bet

12 thoughts on “BIG WIN on Danger High Voltage Slot – £6 Bet

  1. My experience : When the bonus is going to absolute **** on HV like that, it pulls out a big win. Just my experience, I'm sure others just get **** bonuses 😂 Well done Nicko.

  2. im at the point were i will only play BTG slots i had some really nice hits and even if i bust i get my entertainment. would love to see someone do £10,000 v btg at massive bets you should put a percentage of your cash outs aside to try this 😀 for the me and the viewers

  3. Can’t beat the now world famous, “ ****ING GET INNNNN “ 😂 Nice one Nick lad.

  4. I've watched a video off you playing this game, yestersay i tried it myself. I started with 100eur whitin a hour i had a bonus and won 1200eur on a 2eur spin! Than half our later i won 2350eur on a 2eur spin!!!

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