**BIGGEST MAX WHEEL WIN** The Walking Dead slot machine HUGE WIN

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This is my biggest Max wheel credits win on the Walking Dead slot machine to date. I had to stand up and look closely because last zero was hard to see 🙂
Bet:$1.50. Spa casino,CA

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**BIGGEST MAX WHEEL WIN** The Walking Dead slot machine HUGE WIN

33 thoughts on “**BIGGEST MAX WHEEL WIN** The Walking Dead slot machine HUGE WIN

  1. Now that's getting to the Max level the hard way, 8 consecutive spins! Nice win!

  2. Not surprised at all that you won this, but I am impressed that you've done so well with this game.  Pretty much hit everything except the Grand…unless that's also in your queue, LOL.

  3. That's so good, I think it might be a typo. Like they didn't mean to write 100000.

  4. That looks exactly like the 1 bonus I had on this game.  Minus the$1,000 wheel hit i mean.  But everything else the same!

  5. Congratulations! You really worked this machine so its great to see wheel 8 pay 1k. Is that a whopping 3k on there I see too? !

    Clever how it gave you a bad bonus after the 1k.it knew not to pay any more alas hehe

    Grand jackpot next for you?? 500K!So u can throw a party and fly me over 🙂

  6. Congratulations , Blue ! If anyone will hit the big one and get a video of it , it will be you !!!

  7. That was a nice wheel spin one for sure! Simply amazing your luck on this machine! 

  8. I couldn't ever win a penny at agua so I always go to Morongo, good to see someone wins there

  9. Hey how do you win soo big? I go to the casino all the time but I never win that much. Ive never had a hand pay.

  10. Congrats Blue, the Walking Dead likes me, but you it really loves! Thumbs up!

  11. The Wheel is really good.  The free spins were tough!  Do you still prefer free spins over the dreaded CDC wheel ..?  Take care … love the full length stuff!

  12. So I'm gathering from all vids I should stop making max bet? 1.50 seems suffice.

  13. I just subscribed and I know you play at san manuel but do you ever play at Morongo? good luck and tu for videos.nice

  14. Nice hit. Today I confirmed the 200K credit prize isn't just for show, some old guy hit 200K in my local casino right in front of me (in Buenos Aires, Argentina). He then hit another credit prize, 4K if I remember right and then the 25 spins, which he retriggered, 3 times (WTF!!!), for a total 100 spins. The 100 spins sucked though, barely 20K credits won in 100 spins, not a single big spin, for a total 220K credits. Anyway, this slot is the rage here, since it was introduced a month ago, there is a crowd around the 10 machines at all hours. BTW thanks for all the great videos to all the regular uploaders! And if anyone is ever here in Argentina, let's meet!

  15. The grand on this game in Canada is only $7500, it's not a progressive. Therefore I only bet $0.75/spin on this game.

  16. Hate to say it but I think the CDC wheel would've been better than the free spins haha

  17. Today I was lucky to hit the max wheel spot (playing max bet) however, I wasn't so lucky after. Won the mini jackpot and then the 3000 credits, then CDC Wheel came out and it was pure ****, 100 credits on andrea and 200 credits on shane. Yeap, just 2 spins. Better luck next time, but at least I got the joy of spinning max wheel!

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