Biggest Roulette Machine Win

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My biggest roulette machine win ever, in Coral. I started with just £10 on Rainbow Riches. Lost it all, so inserted £200, lost it all, £300 over the counter…
In total I put in £800, and went down to just £47 before hitting a silver pot on Rainbow Riches Pure Gold for £247, then about 6 spins later, a bronze pot for £190. Both pots were very high, I had been chasing them all week. I moved over to Super Gambler Roulette and Key Bet 100, and hit a great sequence which is when I started recording.
I started with £800, so a profit of about £1700.

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Biggest Roulette Machine Win

40 thoughts on “Biggest Roulette Machine Win

  1. the guy obviously a skilled pro player, once you know how to play like this you cant lose over time

  2. I've had 2300 in Cardiff, and 1900, I've.had two max pay outs in a row 20 in first spin repeat, and had max on zero on two machines roll in at same time some times u gotta put 400-600 to get twice y money out

  3. The trick to not getting addicted is to reward yourself even if you lose. For example…''if I lose, I will buy myself a new shirt'' it is the intermittant reward/punishment that keeps you locked in.

    If you win big, WALK AWAY. Spend it all on everything but gambling.

    If you find yourself in the gambling shop more than 3 times a week – you're on a spiral path downwards.

    I lost £2.00 on a roulette machine and decided i would never go back.I believe a lot of them are rigged – exspecially the online ones. Make everyone win who puts in £5.00. Anything over £1000 have them lose. You'll break even.

  4. The Crystal Meth of gambling. I emigrated to NZ in `07 to get away from these machines.

  5. Only time you'll win against a bookie is to rob the bastard when he's getting in to his Porsche cockster 💯 truth 👌

  6. Bet365 profits were at £525m in 2017 and the founder Denise Coates paid herself £217m for the year……..there’s only ever one winner at the bookies…..

  7. Unfortunately it's the same old story they never tell us what they lost the day b4

  8. Hello mate it's your Liverpool CRAZY FAN 😨😨😨😨😨 PLEASE COULD YOU PLAY MY FAVOURITE 100 /1 ROULETTE I LOVE IT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. why do people seem happy to give the bookies the edge spin after spin its like if you said to some people lets flip a coin repeatedly my 45 for your 55 they'd go for it and it would be super fun

  10. A lot of jealous comments, sore losers, Saying he'll give it all back. Speak for yourselves lol. He might not make the mistake you did! Enjoy the winnings pal

  11. The machine is a generic PC with dual DVI monitors and other peripherals attached. Very likely underpowered, laggy and runs Windows.

  12. I'd love to even have the money that he puts in. I watched a video that he done and he deposited £1000. I could do so much with that rather than gamble

  13. Alright I bought bit coin when you did. It seems to be crashing, do we buy more?

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