Biggest Slot Wins Of The Week

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Throughout the week I react to TrainWrecksTV biggest slot wins. This took many many hours of watching and waiting lol , hope you enjoy!

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Do Not Gamble. You WILL Lose.

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Biggest Slot Wins Of The Week

24 thoughts on “Biggest Slot Wins Of The Week

  1. I hit a max win on gates once was so pumped to win 2k haha. This guy winning 2.7million 🤣

  2. Lot of these gambling streamers play the same game so might be an idea to have a mix of these streamers on a specific slot and see how much each make. won't give you an idea. of how much money they have spent but at least you can feature 1 slot and see what each streamer does in it.

  3. Your spot on when he spins this all stream every stream, sinking millions and he's so degen he does it with a horrific RTP aswell it's a matter of time before another full screen

  4. I just lost $150 at BlackJack trying to prove Xposed Method does work but it fail, the timing when getting BJ and Dealer also BJ and when get 20 dealer just hit till 21…..6 round can win 1 hand lose 5 hand…welcome to Risk it or Leave it world.

  5. Fan of these highlights as well. Like you, I'm more interested in BJ/Roulette, but still like mixing this in!

  6. I'm watching his stream about 3 hours and he down so bad..
    Thanks to your content, finally i know in the end he got massive win..
    Sorry if my english so bad, i'm from Indonesia..

  7. I heard you say you don’t gamble, but it really seems like you play BJ 😂. Which one is it bro

  8. Slot compilations are awesome! They hit different all the time and it adds a lot of variety to one video. Plus you'll have a ton more xposed content since he hasn't been wanting to go to BJ as much as he used to.

  9. He looses lot just to show us max win… Crazy.. If I had so much money.. I would be happy making 1k per day 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. I actually love this concept of best slot wins every week or something. Content is awsome, much love from Amsterdam!

  11. love this channel. been itching to go gambling recently, but watching this channel helps. keep it up bro, such a genius idea

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