Biggest Walking Dead Slot Machine Jackpot Win On YouTube

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Here’s how this one played out. Occasionally, you’ll get a random feature called Reel Growth which extends the number of horizontal lines and on this spin it got two of them. Then Rick came to town in a big way. It’s a $3 bet and each 6 of a kind Rick pays $12. The various Rick and Guts wild symbols give you 1440 Rick 5 of a kinds for a $17,000 jackpot win without even needing a bonus round. Sorry the video is short, the attendants were flocking like seagulls around a slice of bread hoping for tips, all the while ensuring they mentioned frequently how “illegal” recording is.

And the best part, this handpay happened in Red Deer Canada at the Cash Casino, so unlike the US gamblers, no taxes had to be paid. Whoot!

I define a big win as anything that is 100X the bet size or bigger. Small teasing wins are less than 100X the bet size. I’m sure I’ll add giant wins if hand pays happen.

Gambling is a lot of fun and the most interesting kind of entertainment because you can come home from a vacation with more money than you started with. No other trip can say that.

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Biggest Walking Dead Slot Machine Jackpot Win On YouTube

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  1. Blue heart will be astounded by this. Larger than the grand prize by twice is amazing.congrats on winning this.

  2. How did you get guts on normal reel growth bonus? I thought guts were only in the bonus round free spins? 

  3. I don't understand why this has so few views. Absolutely amazing.

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