16 thoughts on “Biggest Win Ever on the Double Gold Slot Machine 💰 + many other bonuses won 💰

  1. Never play slots so I didn't understand what happened, but wooooohooooo, you won!!!

  2. Dave, on the Double Gold machine, if you had hit plain purple 7's, you would have won 200 quarters ($50). However, all three 7's had the word "DOUBLE" on them. EACH symbol that has the word "DOUBLE" on it doubles the amount you win, and the doubles are cumulative, so one "DOUBLE" symbol multiplies the win by 2, two "DOUBLE" symbols multiply the win by 4, and three "DOUBLE" symbols multiply the win by 8. Thus, the three purple 7's with the "DOUBLE" on them were worth 200 × 8 = 1600 quarters = $400. Hope the explanation clarifies the win for you! Oh, and congrats! (In the old days when machines actually used coins, that would've been a hand-pay! I miss those days…)

  3. SHE IS RIGHT! You hit the color sevens that by themself is 200 but all three of them was double so 200 times 2 times 2 times 2 equals 1600 quarters which is 400 dollars. You did not hit the red sevens because red sevens is worth 400 by themself.

  4. Had you been playing a $1 or any other denomination u wouldnt have hit it. When you change denomination it changes the game ur playing and who you are playing against. So you hit the 400 before other patrons playing the same denomination on that game on that bank of machines. Its Kinda like pull tabs. There are $1 bins and .50 cent bins when you change denominations from like $1 to .50 cents they pull from a different bin. I used to work in slots and we heard this alot, because thats the first thing you think….OH man had i upped my bet! But it wouldnt have been the same outcome. Nice WIN btw!

  5. Ugh. That would have paid $3200 if it was on the $2 bet with 2 credits in . It’s sort of tough to see if you’re used to playing higher limits since it’s super rare the combination you just hit there !! Still it’s a great win on such a small bet so still Good for you !

  6. No lol it’s not just double is would be 2x2x2 which is 8 times 200 which is 1600

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