40 thoughts on “Biggest WIN On Youtube For Cash Falls Slot Machine! Going Insane With $50 Bets! #shorts

  1. What the bell happened that had you betting $50.00 on that horrible game? Congratulations you lucky bastard.

  2. I’ve tried $50 spins for those damn coins to drop… lost $600 in 12 spins. Yeah… my math is correct 😂 Those coins drag you in!

  3. I've never had a problem with gambling.
    If I'd won that I'd of walked away no problem.

    And then bought a shiii load of Bolivian marching powder and hookers.👍

  4. Hit the cash falls at my local casino last night for $12,000 on a $25 bet. Landed the mega to finish the last column on my first spin.

  5. I just played this for the first time last weekend. Bet was a little higher than I prefer to go but I cashed out $900+ after seeing another last do $500+
    Very surprising.

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