Biggest wins of 2022, The Gent’s top online casino slot wins

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I will be including safer gambling information in all my videos from now on, alongside links back to my own website. This is an important aspect of gambling, and I urge anyone affected to use all the available resources, no matter how big or small you feel the issue might be.


Please also remember that my videos are highlights of longer sessions. A more complete picture is given with the statistics given and the profit / loss videos I post on my channel and website. Put simply, playing these slots is a losing proposition over time, and is simply a means of paying for entertainment.

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0:00 Introduction
1:29 Rock Vegas Mega Hold and Spin
6:04 Big Bamboo
10:21 Sugar Rush
16:13 Eternal Phoenix Megaways (15,000 mininum)
26:55 Vikings Unleashed Megaways (from low stakes gambles video)
34:56 Primal
36:03 Wheel of Fortune Megaways
44:19 Gates of Olympus
45:55 Sugar Rush
52:16 The Border
56:24 Summary, comparison to 2021 etc

Original videos:

Rock Vegas –
Big Bamboo –
Sugar Rush –
Eternal Phoenix Megaways –
Vikings Unleashed Megaways –
Primal ––c2CxqXMk
Wheel of Fortune Megaways –
Gates of Olympus –
Sugar Rush –
The Border –

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Biggest wins of 2022, The Gent’s top online casino slot wins

16 thoughts on “Biggest wins of 2022, The Gent’s top online casino slot wins

  1. Yeah. a trip down memory lane when men were men and slots were slots. emotional stuff gg.

  2. Great to see all your wins. Too often last year the wins were difficult to achieve. You deserve your sherry. Thanks.

  3. Great video GG. I love the fact it takes you a few moments to realise just how much you have won each time 🤣. All the best for 2023.

  4. Anyone gambling regularly is going to make a loss at the end of the year but the big wins do come along once in a while and its always exciting

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