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Today we’re on sweet bonanza and we did our biggest bonus buy ever! Sweet bonanza is one of the riskier slots to do bonus buys on. hopefully we can hit the 100x multiplier and hearts in this one so we can get the max win.


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Please gamble responsibly. I solely do this for entertainment, not as a way to make money. most times gambling will end in a loss. To gamble you must be 18+ or the legal age in your jurisdiction.

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40 thoughts on “BUYING A $100,000 SWEET BONANZA SLOT BONUS!!

  1. I havent been able to watch the videos recently but I'm binging them all rn and stuffs insane

  2. Why is he sitting in front of the demo button ahahah it might be real but kinda sus hiding the demo.

  3. Bro if we fucjing enjoy the video we’ll like it. Stfu with “omg we really just did that, please like the video please please”

  4. Keep the grind. Next 1million dollar balance. All raw OF COURSE. And dont forget never say gambling is a way to lose money.
    Honestly kinda of a joke seing this

  5. Insane watching you guys going from £500 to fricken £100,000 the fact you guys are willing to risk it for content! Show how much you like to give back!!

  6. #Warmmilkgang AYYY more videos to watch its been a while 🙂 !!! gonna binge watch every video that i missed

  7. yes, real money, but why stake has % of turnover rather than % of losses afiliate programm?cuz maybe all its streamers have unlimited balances to play with?

  8. I’m calling it, by 2023 y’all will be at 300k. Screenshot it and put it on your fridge.

  9. Lol waste of money rather buy a house from that. Fun video tho. What kinda jobs do you guys have to Afford those losses?

  10. Wish you guys actually played with your real money instead of the sites money…it’s ok though

  11. This site is giving out 100,000 site credit now? And they don’t make you us your own money? It’s ok tho

  12. Love you’re content. Just curious where you guys get the cash for this? Don’t tell me you hit big in crypto!
    You guys ever think of doing live streams and let you’r followers donate to help win. Then give the winnings away to a viewer or donate to someone who really needs the money?

  13. Bro respect idk how you guys lose but actually gain more money and its tones of it just blowssss my mind bro keep up the vids

  14. Can you buy me a house instead of a 100k buy I will give you a pair of sneakers 😂

  15. Left a pity like. I can't imagine how you guys were feeling. Thanks for sharing the rush. Wish you degenerates all the best in your journey to 1M suscribers

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