Community Biggest Wins – Summer Compilation 2017

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This compilation video includes the biggest and best video slot hits made form our forum members, for year 2017.
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Attention: Part of the clip includes shaky cam as this is how it was recorded originally by the forum member.

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Community Biggest Wins – Summer Compilation 2017

18 thoughts on “Community Biggest Wins – Summer Compilation 2017

  1. Nearly 15,000x on bonanza UNBELIEVABLE! Incredible win! This is definitely the best community video 🙂 Keep it up reggie and kim <3

  2. HOLY ****!!! this is the best community wins video so far, that bonanza win??? SICK. Well done kim and reggie 🙂 have a blessed weekend

  3. thats a sick compilation of big wins, good job to the winners. Thanks reggienator and kim for the video i enjoyed watching this one:)

  4. Bonanza!!!
    147,964.50 SEK =13,304.78 GBP
    147,964.50 SEK =15,134.95 EUR
    147,964.50 SEK =16,924.50 USD
    (according to

  5. certainly the last 2 wins were very impressive .ASTONISHING on bonanza almost 15 thousand x stake that will take some beating! !
    high voltage and bonanza have been excellent to me the last 2 months. not had any time to upload them on my channel yet. such fun games to play a lot of my friends play them too.
    my best is 3000 x stake so far on voltage but im sure most of us will never see 14800 x stake😎😎 dream hit! high varience can really surprise sometimes.☺

  6. Holy crap, that bonanza win is insane! Image a Diamond on the last reel! How much would that have been?

  7. Amazing wins you should put at the bottom of each clip how much the win/stake translates to in £€

  8. Song at the book of ra (@10:00) slot is exactly the melody of the defqon 1 anthem 2017😱
    Name of the song please?

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