How to Beat the Slot Machine in “Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door” !

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – Pianta Parlor
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How to Beat the Slot Machine in “Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door” !

40 thoughts on “How to Beat the Slot Machine in “Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door” !

  1. There is another thing to consider: some slot machines have their third slot depend on the first two. It can be rigged such that the first two 7's show up often, but once you get two 7's, the odd of the third one drastically decrease, giving the illusion that the player is off by just a little.

  2. 4:21 the number doesn't make sense. you're rolling 3 each time so shouldn't it add up to 300%?

  3. I love there deep dives into small aspect of great games. But I got to say, you have established that the Don clearly does not make money from the slots, he makes money for the seating he gets from the mini games Mario can participate in. Have you seen the audiences, it's crazy? #The Don runs the Parlor at a loss to make money on attendance.

  4. Before I clicked on the video I thought it would be some sort of mathematical trick to beat slot machines or something like Vsauce2. This was better

  5. Awesome! This video is going straight into my list of videos to show in the math classes I teach. My students will enjoy it and learn things at the same time. I love it!

  6. If ur timing is quick enough I can actually just stop it on the 7s too , I can get it ab
    out 1 in 5 times and its not all that hard getting triple 7s b2b2b if you do 100 or so tries

  7. Thats what i love about this game is that they made everything as it seems on the slot machine here theres no tricks

  8. It's funny, I was doing loads of stuff in the pianta parlour, and was wondering what the odds were. Then this gem wandered into my recommended, nice vid! It took a turn I liked

    Also BTW its jay-dee-ayster not jay-daster

  9. Not sure how typical my opinion is, but: I would have watched this video much closer to the release date had you been honest about the content. The clickbaity thumbnail almost prevented me from even adding it to my Watch Later list. Did you change the title of the video, too? If so, I don't think it updated in my Watch Later list until after I watched it. That, or I was just looking at the thumbnail that said "I found a slot machine you can beat!" and I was just like "Ugh." If you'd used the current title from the get-go, I'd have watched this video in August 2019 instead of April 2020. Just a heads up for future reference. Again, I have no idea how typical my opinion is for your subscriber base.

  10. Yet you can’t best TTYD Lottery, that **** is impossible unless you play 365 straight days, funny how they made casino profitable but Lottery is a scam

  11. I literally just learned expected value this semester in my math101 course, so the entire time I was just like, “oh my god, I understand this!”

  12. I watch this video for learning English from Japan,and it was very fun Thank you!

  13. How do you take into account failed rolls into your percentages? I noticed your 3000 roll sample only includes wins.

    I think that including the number of failed rolls gives a more realistic percentage, since you don't win on every roll.

  14. Howdy! I've been doing some research, trying to work out a reliable way to get all 7s, but their behaviour seems a little odd.
    Each reel has a different pattern, which are as follows:
    Reel 1: P S S P S P P 7
    Reel 2: P S P S P S P 7
    Reel 3: P P S P S P P 7

    In addition, the 'reaction time' that a specific symbol requires seems to vary under certain conditions. Ordinarily, once the A button is pressed, the reel will 'skip' one full symbol, then stop. If you have already stopped a reel on '7', however, this time between A-press and the result will fluctuate: the second reel will come to a stop on the next symbol once A is pressed, without skipping a symbol like usual. If you line up two 7s, the third reel's behaviour becomes even stranger, seeming to alternate between stopping slowly (skipping a symbol like normal) and stopping quickly (not skipping a symbol). In maybe a dozen tests, attempting to stop the final reel using both slow and quick timings, not once did I manage to stop the final reel on a 7 if the first two reels were 7s.

    This was either a string of very bad luck, or the slot machines are rigged, only allowing you to stop the machine on 777 if some invisible requirement has been met. This would not surprise me, not only because the machines are run by a mob-owned casino, but because it would line up with the behaviour of the Happy Lucky Lottery outside, which categorically prevents you from winning until a certain number of real-world time has passed.
    My current theory is that you are prevented from hitting 777 until you have played the slot machines a certain number of times. This would account for people claiming to be able to hit 777 somewhat reliably after a long period of practice. I would be very keen to hear any anecdotes from people who managed to hit 777 on their first few spins of the slot machines!

  15. My opinion? Just play Plane Game. You can get more tokens more reliably than the machines or the other games. Nobody asked? Well I still stand by it, and there’s no way to change my opinion on it.

  16. I believe there’s a rhythmic system for this game. I noticed if you click the “A” button multiple times in a certain tempo, more times than not, you will acquire a certain combo almost all the time if you’re perfect haha

  17. Why do the tokens despawn after winning them though? I would like to see a real casino do that to a customer.

  18. I thought there would be a trick to winning the slots every single time, but pressing the A button at a certain second, and the following 2 like a certain amount of time in between. Interesting this games slots are harder than I thought they were. Since yeah the developer does not get anything out of you losing your tokens lol. Slot machine in real life are much much harder to win, and they make so much more money from us than we realize. It’s crazy, thank you! 😉

  19. At exactly three seconds after hitting start you get a seven in the first slot.

  20. 2:49 No offense to you, but this whole info is on the "official" mario-Wiki

    Anyways, great video

  21. After taking a probability class for my Industrial Engineering major (which deals a lot with probability and whether or not something will or won't happen, I can confidently say:…. screw anyone who advertises a "chance to win" when it's actually 1 in 999,999,999 and people accidentally "donate" their life savings because they "can feel a hot streak coming on".

    These gambling addicts need help and they sure as hell aren't going to get it from the enablers/managers/owners that profit off of how much money the addicts lose. It's like a robbery but with extra steps.

    The only difference being that bystanders are going to encourage the victims to let themselves be robbed more ("c'mon just one more roll, i can feel it this time!") while the management counts down how much money the unwary/swindled custome-(I mean client) has left.

    They do all this while management sits on their throne of $100s hoping they can maybe- JUST MAYBE- put their 5 kids through the private school overseas. Since, as we all know, private schools in the US (and don't get me started on public schools!) are basically where the holocaust happened, and little Brayed, Shayden, loveden, and Ayhaylaymayden will NOT mingle with the lower class serfs!

    /s I'm totally joking. I'm on vyvanse and it made me over explain my point, so congrats to you if you read through all the way. Lmk if it made even a lick of sense. Otherwise I just wanted to say I hate real life slot machines as they make you win just enough to make you think winning is actually an option (almost never), and lose enough to make you KNOW that you basically have to hold a slot operator at gunpoint to MAYBE win. You have a better chance at making a profit if you just sell drugs…….. or your body……………….. or both.

  22. There’s this method called the lucky momentum.

    Now knowing there is only 1 7 on each slot if you ever roll sevens know exactly how long you need to wait for the 7 to circle back and land and you can easily reroll all 3 sevens as long as you don’t mess up.

    But to get this streak going you need to line up the sevens at least once and learn the full circle timing

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