HUGE Jackpot Hand Pay Win on Ruby Slippers Slot Machine!

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Was doing live play on Road to Emerald City when this cute lil gal next to me hits it FUCKING BIG!!! Ive never witnessed 4 bubbles before that I know of… I may have had 4 but one flew away…. bastard bubble. Anyways… Once I saw that 4th come out, I knew I had to record to that fucking shit. Congrats, gurl!!!! My record is 5x on 3 wild reels for $3660. So yea, fuck Road to Emerald Shitty!

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HUGE Jackpot Hand Pay Win on Ruby Slippers Slot Machine!

40 thoughts on “HUGE Jackpot Hand Pay Win on Ruby Slippers Slot Machine!

  1. That was amazing win for her. Thank you SD for recording her win. I know you wish this was yours. Hell I wish that was me. Just awesome. 😀

  2. Upon seeing that 'Jackpot Hand Pay' blue message box on a machine next to mines, I would have cashed out what I had, left, spoken every single curse word in existence as I exit the casino. sdguy, you are a true example of amazing slot machine sportsmanship.

  3. Holy ****! That's an amazing capture, good for her! You'd be a fun person to gamble next to since you cheer people on 🙂

  4. lol no wonder why you didnt double or even get a line it lol she took all of the money

  5. BAWAAAAHHHAAA I'm cracking the **** up lol.. you was screaming for her so she started screaming talking about what does this meen bawahahah .. that was a good ass hit!!!! Glenda must have heard you and gave bubbles to the wrong machine

  6. Nice and sweet she was like (WHAT IS THAT MEAN) She was so excited and start shaking her hands it is pretty similar to an orgasm. Lol

  7. Rubby Slippers rocks one more time. I won $1800 on the nickel version. Love those bubbles. See the video of it on my channel.

  8. I still get a little teary eyed listening to how excited she was. Excellent video! right next to the right place at the right time.. lol

  9. WOW! I've never seen this one, and look at you being nice 😉 Ha! I came 4 times for each bubble!

  10. Man, that sucks, you sat on wrong machine. That was sure nice win though

  11. Four wild reels + wild symbol in reel 5, with a multiplier, at max bet. "Is that still a handpay?" 😐 LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  12. it will never be enough….no win will ever be enough…in time you will all learn this

  13. This is old but it NEVER GETS OLD. SD Guy reacted this way to a slot neighbor who hit massive on The Walking Dead 2 also. Check it out. He's an awesome guy.

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