HUGE Slot Wins from Feature Buys

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A “feature buy” is when you pay an amount of spins (usually around 80-100) in advance to ensure you get the bonus feature of the slot game. It can be very risky to do so and you may end up losing a lot of money. But sometimes people can get really lucky and that’s what we’ve mashed together in this video; some of the biggest wins ever through feature buys.

Featured videos:
00:15 Viewers help SuperSmask pick the best possible bonus start on Buffalo Rising.
04:57 Studentgambling got more than he wished for on Genie Jackpots.
06:28 Retrigger mania on Book of Gods enable DanishComfort a huge win.
12:27 Extra chillis appear out of nowhere while Craig Slots plays Extra Chilli.
15:43 Jarttu puts a risky bet on White Rabbit, but manage get his biggest win of all time.

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HUGE Slot Wins from Feature Buys

12 thoughts on “HUGE Slot Wins from Feature Buys

  1. Here I was thinking how lucky I was to get 1€x2300 hit on starquest, then I see this video. "okay…:'("

  2. Wish it was just euro wins and £ don't trust all the other lot never know if its entertaining or not now adays which is a shame

  3. these are all old clips that were already shown in your videos before right? Some of them are even in like 2 week old video, and I think its too boring to have them recycled already (Like with many of the other "Wildline series" and "1-line hits")

  4. I hope people can see how amazing that genie jackpot win was. $1000 may not seem like a ton but it was 5000x bet! Imagine that on a $2-3 bet…. insane!

  5. CAN YOU DO A entertaining MONEY VIDEO ONLY

    Ohh sry 99% of the videoclips are entertainingmoney wins

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