INSANE WIN on Dead or Alive 2 Slot – £1.80 Bet

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INSANE WIN on Dead or Alive 2 Slot – £1.80 Bet

40 thoughts on “INSANE WIN on Dead or Alive 2 Slot – £1.80 Bet

  1. i ****ing love it when Nick lads voice goes back to prepubescent teen when he gets a good win hahaha its fantastic, congrats buddy. 😀

  2. im proud to say i whitnessed this live about time and p.s a thumbnail worthy of the big win face

  3. Bloody Nora, Hi Nick hope all is well been a while.. lol Work has stopped us seeing youtube live hope you are well. and Family too.

  4. Nice one. Can't really tune in as much nowadays but glad to see you still active, even if the wins are getting rare.

  5. Congratulations Nicky baby, well overdue. Looking better young man. Nice to see a good win for you.

  6. Oii oii you! Tease us with the gates bonus and not show it after that monster DOA2 hit!! Hahaha congrats kidda

  7. Get in nick been watching for a few years now top bloke streamer my favourite hope ur feeling loads better

  8. Well done uncle bumble****. You Properly deserved this one. I watched it live and was jumping around like an idiot when that 5th wild dropped in. Our lass was like “you Feckin moron”!!! Shmoo be like. . . . “it’s taken him 52 bonuses you silly twat”!!!!!

  9. Alhamdulillah bisa nraktir pacar gw pengen beli tas baru kagak keturutan. Gw coba depo 20rb bisa WD 250rb mayan lah dapat tas. Cewek gw seneng. Makasih slotking69

  10. GACORR terus bos main disini, gw udah cobak mainkan poker disini udh 2x dpt jp. Mantap lanjutkan boskuu

  11. Ooooo let me waste money chasing this, happens all the time so I cannot fail can i?…………ffs. you Muppets underneath believe it as well..

  12. is it true or not there’s an earpiece in and he can’t skip the count bcuz it’s a recording ? If so that’s quite clever and interesting. How many ppl can’t u see are spinning this game and how many windows each open…until one of the bonuses pays a wild line? I’m sure it can do all sorts if it’s play money….

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