INSANE WIN on Fat Rabbit Slot – £2 Bet

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INSANE WIN on Fat Rabbit Slot – £2 Bet

12 thoughts on “INSANE WIN on Fat Rabbit Slot – £2 Bet

  1. Maybe time to start a Gov petition to investigate the links between streamers and the Casino's?

  2. I won £712 on a £1 spin on stage 4 of the rabbit after staking about £90 I got lucky, but that rabbit is very rare, when it eventually drops down (if it does), most of the time the wild carrot hardly appears. It took numerous times before I finally got the to the free spin bonus round, even then you could end up with a low payout.

  3. This had never ever happened to me in 20 years of gambling I agree with other comments on here this is not a true reflection of online gambling at all casino always wins Fact

  4. Wow would have thought eating carrots would make you so fat!!! Well done

  5. you gotta lose **** loads of money let's say 100k.. but in a long run ofcourse, then you might hit 50k and it will make you feel lucky af, but you have still lost more than you have won… casino wins more than you either way!

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