IT’S MY 2nd BIGGEST BUFFALO WIN EVER! ✧✧ Lots of slot machine pokie bonus wins!

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The Buffalo Gold Gods were smiling upon me with this bonus. I always hope for lots of gold heads and retriggers, but most of the time it doesn’t amount to much. This is one of those rare bonuses that was nearly perfect! Way over a 300x win! I’ve also got a ton of extra wins in here… Dragon Link, Goonies, and you’ll even see an amazing Top Dollar win! And for you keno lovers out there, I even snuck a keno video in there too! Hope you enjoy this weeks video!

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IT’S MY 2nd BIGGEST BUFFALO WIN EVER! ✧✧  Lots of slot machine pokie bonus wins!

40 thoughts on “IT’S MY 2nd BIGGEST BUFFALO WIN EVER! ✧✧ Lots of slot machine pokie bonus wins!

  1. Love when those coins and stampede keep on coming! Fun video and loved the keno insert! Congrats Neil!!

  2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Win on Buffalo!!! Congrats! and thanks for throwing in that little Keno Video! Heading to Laughlin in October for a Week and going to check out those machines! Who knows I may even get a Video haha!

  3. That buffalo bonus was awesome, I like that game, but I’ve never gotten more than 8 heads, congrats Neil 👏👏😘

  4. What's up with the trend of putting "pokie" in the titles of slot videos lately? As far as I know, slots are only called pokies in Australia and New Zealand.

  5. Thanks for all the collection of slot bonuses, and the buffalo gold bonus was worth the wait. Congrats on such an amazing bonus. All buffalo with no multiplier was hot. Thanks so much for sharing. Buffaloooooooo😁

  6. That was awesome!! I’m still waiting for a BG bonus like this but it’s why I keep playing it!

  7. Last month I saw a man at a Chicago area casino hit Buffalo Gold for $5500.00 on a $1.20 bet. 104 bonus spins. It took over 30 minutes for the bonus round. I wanted to video record it so bad. Never saw or heard of a win like that.

  8. Nice bonus wins on variety slot games. Very good bonus win on Buffalo Gold. Keep it up my friend.

  9. Awesome buffalo bonus!!! I played BG on a 60c bet the other night, and without the bonus I got two BEAUTIFUL 5 of a kind buffalo hits. I'm starting to become a believer… 😛

  10. Fantastic Buffalo Gold bonus, so pleased it paid well as you deserve it, as helps towards your continued playing and then sharing with us. Thanks Neil x

  11. FANTASTIC NEILY👍👍👍👍👍Big Win☺☺☺☺☺,,,,,,,,,,,🚛er

  12. Thats a super nice bonus! I notice you dont have commercials? Congrats on you 20k!

  13. Still waiting for my epic buffalo gold win 🙄….good job, Neil! You deserve it more than anyone on this platform!

  14. Everyone loves Buffalo … but it can be challenging. The first game was expensive so I played it recently, and it makes you last longer for paying you with 2 symbols. Hope everything is good Neilly 777!

  15. I can't believe what little reaction u had to winning. It was like no emotion or anything. It seems like u have gotten " burned out" with playing slots.

  16. Nice Bonus, I'm in the 14 head club too LOL, I really want that last head but I'd be happy with a 900 bonus every day it's still on my "play it every time I go " list, it's been very good to me and I will land that last head one of these days

  17. Awesome hits & bonuses on all games. Great run on Buffalo. Congrats & enjoyed watching..

  18. I once got lucky on buffalo and got a 750 $ bonus on .80 bet . im scared to try playing it anymore

  19. Beautiful win on buffalo. Thought you were going to get handpay but that’s better! No taxes! And amazing hits on other games!

  20. Omg Neil! Awesome! I love buffalo gold! But then again… most people do 🤣🐼🐾🐾😉

  21. So fun when you get those buffalos to show up (and the "must have" retriggers!) Congrats on that great win!

  22. wow !!!! great buffalo bonus, and not even tons and tons of spins, those buffalos really showed up for you !!!!

  23. That was fun to watch during my lunch break. My best is 13 Heads. Nice win!!! Someday we both join the 15 Buffalo Head Club.

  24. I love those Lock-it games the most! You should play the Lock-it Heart game someday it's always been lucky for me

  25. This is the most Peaceful Buffalo video I've seen from the people I subscribe to😅.
    Not saying I don't enjoy the others but it was a nice change from people yelling "3!! 3!!" And going "awww" when the Buffalos don't connect.
    I like your positivity when you gamble. Like a win is a win 😄

  26. So that Cannonball bonus at Dotty's, you have to pay for each spin on the free games? I'm confused.

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