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This is a record BIG WIN on Lil Devil online SLOT ! This went MEGA BIG !
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12 thoughts on “LIL DEVIL SLOT RECORD WIN !!! Over 10000 x

  1. I can confirm that Chip paid me a big fat 0 to play this. I merely sent an email saying wow check this out and Chip asked me to send over and I was delighted to do so. If anyone wants to see my money which I have a paddy power pplus card – meaning I can WITHDRAW my winning immediately at any cashpoint then I will gladly do so. Along with any deposit and withdraw proof. Fingers crossed for the tesla !!! – KadyC137.

  2. Niceee👍get on book of irish 20p stake got the bonus after 30spins got the gold pot symble in free spins filled the grid and got£412 lastnight😁 20p 40p stakes can return

  3. i tried it on 20p abd got hearts and 10s…..10s deleted and it payed great 12x. cost only around 500x to get 40 teases. what a great game

  4. I never won 2000x in one bonus and i been playing 14 years slots online…. Seems like beginners luck then your rigged for life after that – online slot. I mean if you dont even play against other players losses or feeding money , who the **** do you play against – lottery of a pot that is solid no matter what you feed, yes thats right . Then is never worth it.. one in a million players you hit that 10000x

  5. Love seeing these high win low bet vids. Biggest I've had was $6000.00 on Queen of Riches not recorded unfortunately. Congrats KADY! Amazing win!

  6. Seen so many big wins with these ****ty 20p bets! The game isn’t stupid the bandit playing on £5/£10 a spin would never get a bonus like this… so fixed that new game is.

  7. I quit gambling for a year. Now I'm thinking about making a $400 deposit on my preferred casino. What I'm wondering is if any of you think that with a $400 deposit would I get a bonus or two if I played on a $1 or $2 stake? Thinking about playing 2 slots,
    "Lil' Devil" and "Donuts". Which game should I play first on a $1 or $2 stake? Which one would I get a good bonus on first? Anybody with tips on these 2 slots please feel free to share with me. I'll probably gamble on the 1st of March.

  8. This is not a big win for 20p??? Slot bandit won £28 grand on 80p? So you only have to do the maths.. the feature bandit got was on 20p and not 80p you would be seeing a lot more money than 2grand??

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