LOOK inside the SECRET menus of a Vegas Slot Machine!

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What’s inside the secret configuration menus of a modern slot? From payout percentage to total drop and more: Dave wins the top progressive jackpot on a slot machine and records the secret service and configuration menus that the Casino uses to adjust and report on the machine, such as “Win Percentage” and “Total Drop”.

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LOOK inside the SECRET menus of a Vegas Slot Machine!

12 thoughts on “LOOK inside the SECRET menus of a Vegas Slot Machine!

  1. As an IT nerd, i absolutely love seeing tech like this, that we don't ever get to see or aren't supposed to see.

  2. I’m almost positive with all the info you’ve put up they can find out exactly who the employee is.

  3. I always wanted to see the hidden menus behind the machine that I just paid several hundred dollars to entertain myself.

  4. My guess is that attendant paid canceled credits when someone is playing, and didn't win a huge jackpot- but had racked up more than what is allowed to be cashed out on a ticket. –and then decides to cash out.

  5. Really cool! Thanks, Dave! I think you know we're all here for anything tech. 👀👀

  6. I like all your videos, dave. I loved it when you talked about the secrete code Bill Gates put into the BIOS. Must be interesting knowing Bill and everyone who started Microsoft. What were they like when you worked there? Rumor has it that his biggest competitor, Steve Jobs, was an ass to work for. I wonder what Bill was like.

  7. This is the first video I've seen from you, and I love it. It was interesting, and finally someone who doesn't beg for likes! Huge respect man.

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