Misery Mining Max Win

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An impossible master mining treasure: Gold or liquid gold? Join this angry dwarf on his lifelong mission to find the ULTIMATE beer recipe – no amount of tears and sweat will stop him from having a perfect cold one.

Misery Mining is available with dual RTP setup at 96.09% and 94.05% (DX1).Game FeaturesCollapsing Mine
When starting, only the central 3×3 area is open and the rest is blocked off by barriers. Exploding xBombs next to a barrier moves the barrier 1 step which increases the play area. Various events can trigger a collapse of the closed cells.

Misery Freespins
Misery FreeSpins are triggered by three Scatter symbols or one or two Super Scatter symbols, with a 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, reel area originally available. The user can choose between two game modes: Mouse and Rat mode.

In rat mode, the feature starts with 3 spins. Activating coin wagons or Super Scatter resets the number of spins to 3. The top row will reveal enhancers for each spin – coin wagons, multipliers, bombs, super scatters, bag, chest, rat or dwarf.

xBomb Wild Multiplier
Except for Scatter and Super Scatter symbols, an xBomb Wild Symbol can be substituted with any other symbol. Except for Scatter, Super Scatter, and other xBombs, an exploding xBomb eliminates neighbouring symbols and increases the win multiplier by one for the following collapse.

xBomb Mining
If there are no wins or xBomb Wilds, and the number of Scatters is less than 3, all remaining Scatters and Super Scatter symbols will transform into non-Wild xBombs and explode, causing a new collapse and shifting barriers, and increasing the multiplier for the following collapses by one.

Le Grande Jaune
The Max payout of the game is 70 000 times the base bet. When the total win exceeds this amount, the game round will end and 70 000 times the base bet is awarded.

Nolimit Bonus – Feature Buy Functionality
Buy your way straight into one of the different bonus features, ranging from 66x to 1000x the base bet.

Bonuses and free spins: https://bit.ly/3JShk4h

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Misery Mining  Max Win