18 thoughts on “Monopoly live #1 BIGGEST WIN Ever 9600x !!

  1. It's all entertaining , first they let you win if you're new & then you're robbed perfectly …. Because you wanna be more rich & you're putting all your money on 4 & 2 rolls & 10x ……. They mostly give 1 & 2s ( monoply live by evolution ) entertainingst game … All these YouTube videos are sponsored af … Don't put your hard earned money on these entertaining online casinos & also jet x & others crash games are entertaining too … Whenever you put big amount … They always crash it … They make the easy money on planet earth …. .but F them …. I'll keep exposing them ..& i urge all of you to do the same …

  2. He works with the casino to advertise. There is no profit. Everything is programmed, rebooted and Photoshop. It's a real scam without oversight

  3. Раз в год такого может быть но не гарантия будет или нет. Это реклама для игроков… Казино всегда выграет а не игроки))

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