My 2nd BIGGEST Ruby Slippers Slot WIN!!! (Max Bet!)

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JACKPOT??? Is it????? Happened on the last day of my October Vegas excursion. WHAT A TREAT!!!!! 🙂

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My 2nd BIGGEST Ruby Slippers Slot WIN!!! (Max Bet!)

33 thoughts on “My 2nd BIGGEST Ruby Slippers Slot WIN!!! (Max Bet!)

  1. Amazing win! Two things: That fourth bubble cocktease was bull****, and why can the 5x not land here?

  2. I play this online in the UK but coming to Vegas early next year to have a proper go. Liking your videos it's getting me right in the mood.

  3. I love it! Great win Brent. That would have been sick if that last bubble popped! Thanks for sharing.

  4. That was super cool and nerve breaking too. Awesome win for sure. Congrats on this. 🙂

  5. I thought for a second u were getting the fourth bubble… Damm it.. but anyway that was a very nice win! 😉

  6. Probably better in the long run that it wasn't a hand pay right?!?  Beautiful hit though…I'd love to get that four bubbles some day. 

  7. That was great to see Brent! Congrats! I thought you were gonna get the 10X as the 2X paused for a bit it seemed 🙂   

  8. It is SO nice to watch people win. I have never had luck on this machine. I'm looking for something to play in Vegas next month. Any suggestions?

  9. if you were sitting next to me,  and asked " how much is that ? "    all id say is "  A LOT !! "
    Bravo Sir,,,,great hit !!!!

  10. Did you seriously go ohhh after you win $1100? At least all of that was tax free was it not? If it had been a hand pay you would have paid taxes on it?

  11. Lol I guess I can understand, but if it were me I wouldn't care if it was a hand pay, as long as it's under enough so I wouldn't have to pay taxes on it….I never have to worry about that anyway, I live in Canada where it's all tax free 🙂 plus, I never win enough to worry about hand pays lol

  12. Ohhhh, you only won a measly $1100, instead of having a hand pay which you would pay taxes on you only won $1100 which you get to keep all to your self. I feel sorry for you.

  13. Amazing win, this game is so addictive. I hope it sticks around long enough to get that 4th bubble.

  14. just sub'ed brent! Nice hit there.. love your vids man! @BrentWolgamott

  15. Don't worry. As most people who show these videos on youtube they only show you the good wins. I am 100% sure he gave all that back within the same day or two. I've seen people win 25k jackpots to give it all away in the same night. 

    Why would you want a handpay? At 1200 dollars your paying at least in my state 33.75% of what you win. I would rather 1199.99 compared to 1200.01. That 2 cent difference is a couple of hundred bucks.

  16. Unless you're lucky enough to be Canadian like me and don't have to pay taxes on your casino winnings!!!!!

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