My All Time Biggest Slot Win! 🏆

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Watch me hit my biggest ever slot machine win at the Cromwell Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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My All Time Biggest Slot Win! 🏆

40 thoughts on “My All Time Biggest Slot Win! 🏆

  1. I was gonna say something along the lines of asking for likes since you are an established youtuber but congrats on your win. Anyone is gonna like your success on this video bud. I love your videos. Likes will come as see fit! Love ya bud. No hate at all man.

  2. hey man, great job, like the channels, before you get on a machine, look at the pay table to find out the bonuses. i recomend you do that before you get on a machine because a lot of us know how certain games work already.

  3. I didn't see this live unfortunately. I can't believe Greta's not there to celebrate with you… So disappointing! BTW, if you want to, can you have the amount on your voucher automatically transfered to your debit card when you take it to the cashier's desk?

  4. Making wanna play buffalo when I go back in the fall lol…great win, was that a handpay tho?

  5. Congratulations, good win. Had to fast forward through it though. Can't sit and listen to the music and watch the slow counter tally your winnings. Hope your luck continues.

  6. Pompsie congratulations 🎉 . I like this game , i was betting 40 cent only , then I won more than $400 before . So good . Free game none stop .

  7. Yayyy I’m so excited for you guys,you deserve,we deserve toooo,siento que yo gane también,me encanta su sencillez,Dios los bendiga 🙏🏻❤️

  8. This is my favorite game. Last April, while on a carnival cruise, I got 86 free games and all 15 heads. When the dust settled, I had won $3870.00. Towards the end, one spin paid over 600 bucks. Congratulations. You're now hooked on buffalo gold. 😆😎

  9. Imagine walking around with a slip of paper worth that much money that anyone could just yank out of your hand I'd deposit that into the bank as soon as possible!

  10. I'll tell you exactly what's going on, this is what can happen when you bet $6 vs the $1.50 or $.75 you usually bet 😉

  11. Nice win, not sure how you have no clue how slots work yet. What’s this what’s that what’s happening

  12. So happy to see this nice win for you! Fairly new subscriber and really enjoy your videos. I'm coming to Vegas on Sunday from the Detroit area, can't wait!!! I've been many times but it never gets old😄


  14. You are so funny.. you have no idea “what is happening “ what is going on here! Good Luck🎰

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