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I spun into a massive $10,000 bonus on sweet bonanza and it paid me my new biggest win ever on my favorite slot!

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🔞 Gamble only with the money you can afford to lose, do not gamble when under the influence, and remember that the casino always wins in the long run.

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35 thoughts on “MY BIGGEST SWEET BONANZA WIN EVER! ($10,000 BONUS!)

  1. I love you man. Honestly, as a person who loves gambling but at the same time has big goals in life and knows how tricky it is, it is great that you remins us everytime that you do this for fun but you know you have lost mucch more than you have won. I hope by those words you will prevent a poor soul being lost in the casino schemes.

  2. Supp fencer i want to say i really like your vids:)

    May i ask hou you have the money to make these vids because jou dont get that mutch views? 🔥🔥🔥

  3. You’re honest , because u said its not ur money u get paid , u own my respect +

  4. I truly appareciate how genuine and transparent you are about gambling , a lot of people think they'll log on and get rich ….. the message about not putting yourself in a bad financial position to make these videos was extremely important.

  5. You grind hard. Being a full time streamer has got to be tough. Good for you to get a main event. Keep it coming. Let’s play Xbox sonetime

  6. hello fencer, congratulations for that bigwin, great entertaining video as always. the daily dose! but even greater is the advice in the last minutes. that makes you a great person! congratulations!

  7. ❤ your comments at the end of the video safe gambling is a big problem and this helps people big time dont see anyone els do this so thanks.
    Nice win fencer about time

  8. Great win…😊😊😊 thanks for being honest about gambling. People trnd to lie about getting paid to gamble.

  9. Damnn!! what an insane start to the session mate!! Congratulations on that big win!! Good luck and god bless

  10. Bro I’m lucky today, yesterday lost 1 k and today won 3,5 k. Now I quit. First and last time gambling Wajow!!!

  11. insaneee fence sweet! you just keep putting out insane content!! congrats brother you deserve it!!

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