Norma Geli Hits Biggest Slot Machine Win of Her Life!

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Playing Crazy Rich Asians Slot Machine at the Venetian Casino on the Las Vegas Strip area. Norma Geli joins us today to play slots! She doesn’t gamble, but she took a break from making YouTube videos to see how much she could win on slots!

I Won Money on my 1st Slot Spin, Then This Happened…

ALL ARE 100X+ My 5 Biggest Wins on Crazy Rich Asians Slot Casino max bet

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Norma Geli Hits Biggest Slot Machine Win of Her Life!

38 thoughts on “Norma Geli Hits Biggest Slot Machine Win of Her Life!

  1. Ive been watching your videos and it seems that some of them are taken from a live that I missed. Next time take a gopro or an extra camera and record offline. Much better quality and you ca upload in the future.

  2. Awesome! Knowing Norma, she probably insisted you take the money. Knowing you, you did not take it.

  3. My record was 224 free spins playing Planet Moolah. I won $1,250 on a $3 bet! It was not fun during all of those free spins when I had to go to the bathroom, then I had to wait on the attendant to get my info for a hand pay.

  4. Evidently she was nervous or something. I’ve never heard of someone having a nice win and then say they don’t want to do it again. Lol. Obviously neither of them famiguy with CRA (not that anyone would be if they hadn’t played it before, and I understand Norma doesn’t gamble) but it can be a fun game! Nice winning vid regardless!

  5. I remember watching a slots video where a guy triggered a large number of free spins (over 100), but the amount he won was practically nothing. They were all "dead spins". I felt so bad for the guy.

  6. Norma. Your such a big cute baby….take the money and run girl…….these wins are right Jacob…. congrats to both of you….

  7. Norma doesn’t like slots nor people who play slots, she thinks it’s a waste of time I have heard her say that. She talks down on people who do but here she is doing what she talks sh** about, only for the views and likes, desperate times calls for desperate measures..

  8. 58 free games on Buffalo Gold, 60 cent bet, won $1187. Happened at my favorite casino, Atlantis in Reno.

  9. Leave it to Jacob the OG to get Norma to play slots. Next challenge Norma plays high limit slots with $1000 from Jacob?!🤨🫣🤔

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