One Spin Wonders on Slots! #5

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Biggest Base Game Wins on Slots! #5

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You don’t always need a bonus to win big. We have collected 5 wins by streamers and community members that show one-hit wonders on slots!

00:00 Intro
00:08 Gate of Olympus – L2 Equinox
00:27 Remember Gulag – C@Casino Land – Casino Streamer
00:57 Starlight Princess – Max14x
01:19 Big Bamboo – @Highslotters
01:48 Mental – Zeys

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One Spin Wonders on Slots! #5

18 thoughts on “One Spin Wonders on Slots! #5

  1. Olá, sou um executivo de uma empresa de jogos, gostaria de trabalhar com você para fazer o vídeo do jogo da nossa empresa para mim, para postar em seu canal, nós lhe pagaremos generosamente, você está interessado em cooperar?

  2. Biggest base win I have ever got was big bamboo on my birthday, after about 30 spins I hit a completely full screen of pandas besides the top left corner, no bamboo or anything they just dropped in, paid 1320$ on .2 bet

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