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This was one of our best sessions on Madame Destiny Megaways for sure. From insane connections on cats and owls we had one of our best wins ever on this slot!

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  1. That was so damn crispy.. i guess my Swedish luck helped you here too bro.. soon it will be your turn to help me 😛 haha
    so happy for you! <3

  2. Let’s go kaz lool my heart was beating when you did the 20k buy bro cause I know this slot it’s known for ****ting the bed so that was insane to see it pop off good **** kaazzooo😂❤

  3. Let's Go 🚀🤞😃🤞😃
    Blessings for you Dear ❣️
    Carry on
    KEEP printing

  4. Imma just leave this one here ❤❤❤
    I think there's no need for more words

  5. Letsgoo!! Great video as always!! I dont even know why i stopped commenting on the vids even tho i watch them but yeah love u broski❤

  6. Yoooo kazlic when are you doing all the giveaways you announced 😎🤔

  7. Kaz when are you going to stop coping superier gamers by saying damage control thats for gamers who do $100.000 bones byes watchgames dose $140.000 bones byes you so much of a week gamer that you are scared to do biger byes on 10k toster pkaye with the same sponser as you but strang that you can only do very small bones byes if your tring to play with the big boys of malta zee spent 300k in 9 minets today why did you not folow up with a 50k bones after you 20 k one billy arizon

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  9. i guess a profite video that we all need ,, lets goo ,, from now one ,, i only want a W videos bro ,,, no L in our dictionary anymore

  10. yess sirr madame paying good in this session lfg! enjoyed the video as always bro keep going

  11. what a fun session! always love the vibe kaz, congrats on your win more to come! max win soon!

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