Real Money MAX WINS on Retro Tapes

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Max Wins ONLY!

We collected some max wins on Retro Tapes for you. This Push Gaming slot was released in late 2022 and has been very popular since! The slot is capped at 10000x…otherwise, all streamers and community members would have won a lot more!

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00:00 Intro
00:08 @LetsGiveItASpinTV – 400x Bonus Buy
01:04 @thefinnishgambler – 400x Bonus Buy
02:01 Yoshi K – 400x Bonus Buy
02:42 @HideousSlots – 400x Bonus Buy
03:59 Neutralakos – 100x Bonus Buy
05:05 @LuckyLunaTV – 100x Bonus Buy
06:05 @SteroSlots – 400x Bonus Buy
06:51 MrAmaz- 400x Bonus Buy
07:40 @LetsGiveItASpinTV 400x Bonus Buy

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Real Money MAX WINS on Retro Tapes

17 thoughts on “Real Money MAX WINS on Retro Tapes

  1. Highlighting real money in the title as we know half the wins shown are casino funds entertaining money thanks for the confirmation

  2. How’s about a video with the max wins (the capped ones)versus what it would’ve paid. Pure destruction

  3. the girl from luckylunatv is from monopoly live
    does this mean that all of your streamers are paid actors like roshtein?

  4. Funny how first and last vids are Letsgiveitaspingrounds. Nothing like promoting yourselves on what used to be a channel for all different streamers and not the same repetitive ones all the time.

  5. When you say real money, is that an admission that in some instances “entertaining funds” are used 🥴

  6. Lol I had this game pay 17k but this win was capped at 1k jussssst a little tilting but gotta be happy for the win. I’ve had 4 max on it

  7. ofc under 1 bet is REAL MONEY, and it says most of your youtube clips is a entertaining MONEY GOOF GOOF

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