29 thoughts on “*RECORD* $1,250,000+ FRUIT PARTY BIG WIN! – Fruit Party bonus buy

  1. I love the unexpected surprises of the fruit party congratulations the prod is really a great hit

  2. What a win man, got some funny looks off my Mrs when you hit your climax over the win might I add 🤣

  3. The balance is dry before the big hit. What happened to it? Did you lose it all but won it back this bonus? Don’t like these things tbh. Gratz on the win tho!

  4. Yaa ha ha yaaa ha ha ha yesss yess yess oh my god ..oh fuvking go…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh hhhhhhh

  5. Så bro ! Så trækker du dig ****ing en smule.. du er den streamer jeg allerbedst synes om og alle har set at du har brændt for mange penge af det sidste år! Man kan mærke du er presset i dine videoer bro, pleas få en smule ud af det rigtige liv 💚 peace prod!

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