40 thoughts on “Record Breaking Jackpot In Las Vegas

  1. Very nice congrats. Continued luck and stay safe. πŸ€ πŸ‘πŸ€‘ Have a great weekend NG

  2. Not exactly killing it on 400 buck spin. Maybe 100k would be. I mean. 3 spins is over a G

  3. Who bets $400 on this game and gets the bonus game, you freak?!??!? Imagine if you would’ve gotten the monkey all the way across???

  4. a few weeks ago you said you wanted to create a NG app and you did SO FAST CRAZY HOW WHEN YOU HAVE MONEY YOU CAN MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN.

  5. Just like that…a big win! High rollers have the means to make big bets. I am only wishing that I could bet even like $5 each press or push..

  6. Don’t let the $32,000 amount distract you from the fact this is only an 80x bonus.

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