Record Jackpots Slot – $10 Max Bet – NICE SESSION!

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The Record Jackpots slot machine by WMS is part of their “Top Star” family of slots, along with Chili Pepper Party and Tiger Kahn, with the latter being their most popular title in this series. These machines are quite distinctive as they have a “Star Topper” on the top of their cabinets which serves to award you a number of free spins and a multiplier for those free spins during the bonus. In addition, during any standard game where the Star symbol does not appear on reel 3 you may be randomly awarded the Mystery Multiplier feature where a multiplier of either 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x is chosen for you and applied toward one spin. My question is, if you trigger the standard bonus during that spin, is your multiplier applied just toward your triggering spin or toward your full bonus? Also randomly after any spin, you may be awarded the Major or Minor progressive. What you really want, though, is to trigger the primary Top Star bonus by landing Star bonus symbols in reels 1, 3, and 5 where you will then be randomly awarded a number of spins from the Star topper: and this can happen between 1 and 5 times! After your total number of spins have been determined, you are then awarded a multiplier of either 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x and this is where it gets interesting because if you can pair a lot of spins to a high multiplier, well, the sky’s the limit! Retriggers are possible and award the same number of spins that you originally triggered the bonus with, another great feature! All in all, a great game with super potential, Enjoy!


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Record Jackpots Slot – $10 Max Bet – NICE SESSION!

14 thoughts on “Record Jackpots Slot – $10 Max Bet – NICE SESSION!

  1. This channel is the cure for the weekly gambler in me, lol … ty and keep it up!

  2. That really was a great session. So much of the fun for me is doing what you did here – interacting with the people around me, and cheering for each other. It's fun to hear you laughing and whooping it up with everyone. I feel like, even when I lose, that's the experience I'm "paying" for. Well, that and the bloody marys hahahaa 🙂 I love it!!

  3. Nice job winning, what was your record jackpot of the other.slot machine games you played previously? I know you have been hitting high.dollar.values lately.

  4. I can't believe this game is still out back east! I used to play it at Parx a lot. Never to the success you have or at that bet 🙂

  5. Nice win ! Searched around my local and found these, no big bet but won some cash + lots of fun . 🙂

  6. Great Video! I always look forward to those famous words of" Let's keep going!"…….

  7. I think if you only gamble in Indian Casinos you miss out on a lot — like this top star game for instance. I've never seen a slot with a star topper in the 15 years I've lived in California.

  8. Fantastic session! And it was so nice to hear that the player next to you was also hitting well 👍

  9. Wtf is this ****e 10$ a spin and your happy with that **** man I would be happy if it was 1$ a spin 10!! Rip off very poor pays and game

  10. Slot is called Record Jackpots. Minor is $33, Major is $138.  On a $10 bet.  A bit misleading!

  11. It has been a long time since I have seen this game. Nice win BPB. 🙂

  12. Dang…I thought when you got 3 spins on the first one, when you hit the bonus a second time you would get 3 spins again! like you could end up with Spins + Spins and a Multiplier or land Spins then a multiplier then another multiplier! That would be choice!

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