17 thoughts on “RECORD WIN with $150,000 BUYS ON TREASURE WILD!? – Bonus Buys Sessions

  1. Congrats man. I keep watching the vids over and over lmaoo seeing u win makes me laugh lmaooo

  2. How can u buy the bonus for $15k where the value of the spins is $100 you win $10k and it’s a 100x bonus?????

  3. What is the editor doing? The mathematics goes absolutely out of the window 😀 but I still love the content 😀

  4. Nice win at the end Prod, that slot has huge potential, and it´s nice to see you win alot of money. 🙂

  5. Whoever is editing this can you please put the bonuses in full screen we don’t need to see the grey borders on the sides

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