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We spent more than 10 hours editing video, music, color and other creative effects such as adding narrator, subtitles and rewards to the community with the intention of providing a different and unique entertainment for the user, so we consider it a unique content that can attract many people. The main purpose of this channel is to entertain.

I do not recommend anyone to gamble at all. For me it is very important to raise awareness about the risks of gambling and gambling addiction.
If you are concerned about having even the slightest gambling problem, seek help.

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  1. At last he didn't get single bit of it…..scamming his own viewers for money….Malta boy…..I know his real name

  2. I can’t believe how many morons still think this is real money. You are watching a grown man scream about demo balance 😂

  3. Ciao rosh sei un grande spero tu lo legga avrei bisogno di un aiuto economico o una bimba disabile e o perso il lavoro se tu vuoi mi aiuteresti grazie rosh e scusa se te lo chiesto❤️😢

  4. Hello! I'm from Kazakhstan. I watch your video and I'm interested. You are great at dancing. This is really your channel. Do you have a stream?

  5. 😂😂😂 Is that the reaction to winning 7 million haha he needs to go back to acting school

  6. Guys don’t drove by this! This guys have salary for doing this and get nothing from this entertaining numbers, he do this as employee with casinos so you go gamble with their site’s, don’t gamble you will lose and he will have more salary form your money

  7. So Basicly, in order to set up an online casino a person would need 20million, atleast. If this guy wins 7 million and has a 3 million balance, the casino is down 50 percent of their own initial money. Thats why these wins cant be real..At all.. no envy but just think about it. Look at the marks and his mouse where he asks for a house. On the mouse it stands. Im not saying its impossible. It just is.

  8. Olá, sou do Brasil, vc é massa , demais . Queria tbm um dia jogar assim slots , mas nem tenho grana pra fazer um depósito, triste 😓

  9. Been watching for almost 4 years now, i really like it alot but this is so entertaining bro, in the past 12 months my man lost more then 180 million so yeah sure it is real my men

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