Slot Record Attempt Series Nº1 🔴 🟠 🟣 Jammin’ Jars, Primal and Roulette!

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I want to do Slot Record Attempt Series and we’re starting with Jammin’ Jars, Primal (what has given me that 1000x exit before!) and Roulette!

I need to remember not to look at previous numbers with roulette…
Shout out to everybody that likes seeing me lose 😉

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Slot Record Attempt Series Nº1 🔴 🟠 🟣  Jammin’ Jars, Primal  and Roulette!

40 thoughts on “Slot Record Attempt Series Nº1 🔴 🟠 🟣 Jammin’ Jars, Primal and Roulette!

  1. Apologies for the 14p resolution, filmed on a King Edward potato that was out of date! None of the future vids I've uploaded waiting to be released are the same as this quality. Next stream should be this Thursday!

  2. I find the Primal tease can be so tilting, I get tons of them and they never come in

  3. I think Paul everybody knows you only win on roulette the slots
    Just waste of money hopefully big win coming your way just keep positive

  4. Love you're content – this video I found quite boring tho. Probs just because no wins ? Much love

  5. Primal is one nasty ****er these days. One of the most brutal slots out there. Don’t be fooled by the odd decent hit you see now and again. Regularly goes 7-1200 spins for a bonus. Most of which are terrible. Those base game hits seem to have dried up somewhat as well 🙁

  6. Painful. Great attempt though Paul. Thanks for vid. Looking forward to next stream.

  7. That roulette bounce from 32 to 19 is a classic magnet, that's why you should not gamble on Latvia online casino's.

    You should know that all the roulette tables have a system called GFL OPTIMISATION (Gaming Floor Live’s Optimisation Module)
    that enables casino operators to see accurate real-time data from across their gaming floor, allowing them to make instant changes to increase efficiency and help implement change processes which can save them time and money for the casino.

    This system is LEGAL in LATVIA, so the studios are in LATVIA. You can see this information on the site of those roulettes manufactor
    "TCS John Huxley LONDON" . Please google it if you don't believe me.

    Btw great content, one of the only real gambling streamers. I hope you beat that record of 2200x. Best of luck mate !

  8. Please bring more videos out I am bored of this wannabe streamers you literally knock them out with a home run every time. Keep up the good work mate much love

  9. "Much appreciate a lot of thumbs up on this bull**** vid" 🤣🤣 Rough session

  10. you are still the worst roulette player that i like, dont worry

  11. You can have some good days but it always be a lot more days like this when nothing is going well. Thats gambling

  12. i like these series vids mate entertaining hopefully next time a juicy 2000x? fingers crossed for you

  13. 17:50 Yes Paul. It was in. And somehow against any physical law it wasn’t all from sudden. Rigged as f.

  14. I can win about £1000 on roulette depositing just 50 but then I will lose it all within half an hour. So sad and stupid

  15. What a clickbait video .. So every slot video from now on will be called 'GOING FOR THE RECORD'? Pathetic.

  16. in my video "the big fat lie of slotmachines" I've already seen a pattern… the practical RTP is absolutely NOT what slot providers claim … it's an artificial RTP based on a VERY very very low chance of winning a VERY big multiplicator … these mathematicians are extremely sneaky people !!!!
    I will do this every day (1 year long) till I have 500 000 spins
    but I already saw the pattern, I'm pretty sure it will not change … if you go to a slot machine, then you're dealing with an RTP between 75% and 85%
    that's 15 to 25% house edge
    that's HUGEEEEEEEEEE , that's how much ? 10 times higher than blackjack … !!
    7 times higher than roulette !! I'm studying accountancy also into stock markets , have been studying roulette for 5 years now .. 15to25% what does that mean ?
    every betting level system, I also already tested this … has it's own breaking point, where it loses grip on the situation (cfr my video "do betting levels matter) … around 7% coldness at 100 spins, ALL fail !!!
    here we're talking about double coldness .. AT LEAST !!
    if you can't count on a financial fund or recover with other casino games, circulating your money , you NEVER EVER !!! will be up on slotmachines, pure mathematics

    I give you all very good advice, stay away from slots ..why? because of the principle of " counter investing " suppose you keep half your money when you play slots and one day you had 2200x (which is REALLY really rare) … even that is not amazing … + – 7 days 700 spins … and your amazing 2200x is already gone …
    it's ridiculous !!!! forget slots people .. really !!!
    PS what's counter investing? if you can recover on other casino games, it means you have a system that works to profit … then you don't need slots, … what you earned there (revenue), will be whipped out by the slotmachine cost

  17. Thank you for posting losing videos as well as winning ones. It's important people see both sides.

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