11 thoughts on “Streamer NEW WORLD RECORD BIG WIN x5000 on Jammin Jar’s Slot – TOP 10 BEST WINS OF THE WEEK !

  1. who are these guys and where do they have this kind of money to gamble from? did they do anything great for their community to have/deserve this?

  2. Casino online slots pays not more than 30 40 100 credits extra!!! I am playing sinds 2 years and in 15 casinos websites the support telling me bad luck
    2 years bad luck but the screamers are every week ok 200k 100k 500k whats heppen with bet from 1 euro?

  3. What is on this video WORLD RECORD??? Its only an clickbait video hope you get banned soon you entertainingr…. 5000x on jamin world record 🤣🤣🤣 i saw 15k x win on jamin

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  5. Bang gw menang slot 126jt. Pke kode admin
    Kodenya udah gw share di yutube bang

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